Pre-Order Event: 40cm Girl "Risa"

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Pre-orders are done, but....

I still have a few unsold slots. Orders will ship around April/May, and now the stock is limited, since I only ordered a set amount.
The pre-order dates are not set in stone and are subject to change to a later start and ending date. The current pre-order is for Spring and Summer skin only. An additional pre-order for Autumn and Winter skin will be available in early 2019. *She is pictured in Spring Skin here!*

*At the moment, shipping always shows up as $0.00 for Risa. You will receive an email for shipping rates when she is ready to ship. If you would like to calculate your own shipping to get a rough estimate, please use 20inchesx6inchesx4inches as the size, 5lbs as the weight, coming from 61832 (Illinois, USA).*

Dolls take around 6 months to produce and ship. Please keep this in mind when ordering! It is not possible to cancel your order once it is placed. Layaway is available.
Face-ups are not available at this time, but may become available before the dolls have finished being produced. You will receive an email asking if you'd like to add a face-up to your doll for a fee and additional waiting period, if it does become available.

Included with Purchase:

Body with Small Chest Piece
"Risa" Sculpt Head
Pair of Resin Eyes (Dream Series)
Certificate of Authenticity
Set of Open Hands (Magnetic)
Set of Flat Feet (Magnetic) *This may change to non-magnetic feet*


Primary Measurements:

Height: 40cm

Eye Size: 14mm (12mm minimum)
Shoulder Width: 8cm
Foot Length: 5cm
Circumference - Neck: 6cm
Circumference - Ankle: 5.5cm
Circumference - Knee Joint: 6.5cm
Circumference - Thigh: 9.8cm
Circumference - Hip (Widest Part): 19cm
Circumference - Waist: 11cm
Circumference - Chest (Widest Part): 15cm
Circumference - Upper Arm: ?
Circumference - Lower Arm (Widest Part): ?
Circumference - Wrist: ?
Shoulder to Wrist: 12cm
Shoulder to Elbow: 6cm
Elbow to Wrist: 6cm

Additional Measurements:

Bottom of Foot to Bottom of Knee Joint: 4.8cm
Bottom of Knee Joint to Hip Center Joint: 12.5cm
Top of Shoulder to Top of Hip: 4.5cm
Waist to Inseam: 6.5cm
Foot Width: 1.9cm
Modern "Low Rise" Hip Circumference: 17.7cm



There is a minimum order per skin color from the casting company, as well as a minimum order on all dolls. If the minimum order is not met in the pre-order, all customers who purchased the skin color will be given the option to switch colors or be given a full refund. This also applies if the minimum doll order quantity is not met within the pre-order period.
Layaway Option:
Layaway options are available at $175 for Spring skin and $200 for Summer skin, with $50 a month minimum payment for the remainder. Any extra fees, taxes, shipping and any final money owed is due in the final layaway payment. Refunds and cancellations are not an option after the layaway deposit has been made.

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