Heart Candy "Be Mine" Mold

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Sprouty Doll

$ 5.00
$ 5.00

Each finished charm measures 17mm tall and 20mm wide. Resin weight is approximately .75 grams.

Features a small indentation where hole should be drilled (center top) but can be easily filled in if you don't need it.

Mold is made from semi-clear silicone. Please take care when using the mold as excessive heat (over 150°f) will call the mold to become more opaque. These molds are perfect for UV resin applications, since the UV light can easily penetrate the mold.

Mold color/inclusions may vary. This mold is safe for use with UV resin and 2-Part Resin. Molds can be heated in an oven for use with polymer clay but that will lower the life of the mold (and turn it more opaque) and it shouldn't be used for resin afterwards.

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