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$ 5.00
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    • 6ml UV-Cure Clear Resin in UV Safe Bottle

The UV resin cures best in direct sunlight, and be sure not to expose the bottle to light! The black plastic helps prevent UV exposure, but keep it in a dark place! It's best to use small amounts of resin and glitter/pigment, mix it thoroughly before placing it in direct light. Leave exposed for 4~5 minutes until it is cured hard. Many layers is better than one thick layer, otherwise it might not cure!

Other suggested items:

  • UV Light or outdoor sunlight.
  • Patience!
Eyes are handmade and generally take around 30 business days to make and ship. We hand make each and every pair of eyes in our small studio. Making eyes has become a passion, and we are inspired everyday to try new styles and processes. It can be difficult to keep producing new eyes, but we strive to always be creating new things and working to improve ourselves. Do you need a custom eye color or style? We can do that! Just send us a message or an email and we can discuss it! Every item is made to order, and processing times may reflect this. Normal orders take between 25 and 30 business days to ship. Due to the handmade nature of each item, small variations may occur. Please note that these variations are not considered defects and add to the quality of this handmade item. Colors may differ because of monitor settings, so colors may not be exactly the same as what you see. Items pictured may not be included in sale. Please check the item description for verification. Items ship through the United States Postal Service. Orders are generally shipped in a plain white plastic mailer. Gift wrapping is available on request for a small fee.