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$ 1.50
Thank you for looking at my patterns!  If I don't have a pattern you'd like to see, just let me know and I will do my best to get it added to the library. This pattern specifically has instructions that are written and photographed.

This pattern is made specifically to fit Fairyland Minifee, Sprouty Doll 40cm and other Slim MSD sized dolls. It may fit other dolls as well, such as Ellowyne Wilde, Evangeline Ghastly and similar sized dolls but I can't promise a perfect fit.

I can assist via email if you need additional instructions. I do plan to upload video tutorials to Youtube in the future!

The amount of fabric needed is less than 1/3 of a yard. You can make multiple items with that amount of fabric, depending on the fabric's pattern, material and the layout of the pieces.

Pattern is in English. Printable on Letter Paper (8.5"x11"). There is a sizing guide on the paper to make sure the size is perfect. Please feel free to use this pattern for commercial uses. I would LOVE a credit or a link somewhere, but it isn't required.

Sewing Pattern for Azone S and Blythe, which may fit certain Obitsu dolls or other 27cm or 1/6th dolls.

This pattern includes photograph and written instructions. You can also email me if you need more advanced instructions.

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