We love to read reviews of our eyes, and value the critical ones especially! Please let us know if you’ve done a review, and we’ll add it to this page. We sponsor reviews sometimes, and we will add sponsored reviews to this page as well, under their own category. If you have more questions about sponsored reviews, please check out our Sponsored Reviews FAQ. We will also list eyes given away as prizes or giveaways held.

Etsy Reviews - Reviews of our products directly on Etsy.

Customer Gallery - Coming soon. A gallery of photos sent to us of our customer’s dolls with their Sprouty items.

Culur Faceup’s Instagram Review - Posted on Instagram, this was one of the first off-Etsy reviews we ever received. Fairly outdated now, since we’ve upgraded our bases and production methods thanks to Leilah’s critiques!


Sponsored Reviews:
Darjeeling Aesthetic’s In-Depth Review - Darjeeling Aesthetics was given a few pairs of eyes for free to review and was asked to review them honestly and critically. In this review they compare our eyes to Oscardoll and Maodoll’s eyes with great photography.

Call Me Gorgeous Aesthetic’s In-Depth Review - Call Me Gorgeous was given a free pair of eyes that they customized to review, and asked to review them honestly and critically. They’ve compared us to Enchanted Doll, Everpurple, Oscardoll, Mako, Dropop and some generic glass eyes. One of the most detailed reviews we’ve gotten.