We do a few sponsored reviews now and then, generally when we come out with new eyes, bases or styles. In order to be completely honest, we keep a public list of our sponsored reviews and what items they received to review.

Where are sponsored reviews listed?
Sponsored reviews are clearly listed on the Reviews page, under their own category. 

What is a sponsored review?
Generally, a pair of eyes is sent out free-of-cost to a reviewer in exchange for an honest, critical review of the eyes. 

Why do you do sponsored reviews?
Sponsored reviews are a great way to get the word out about new eyes. They are also perfect for figuring out what’s wrong with the eyes and how to improve them by sending them to reviewers who have experience doing reviews and have seen many high-quality eyes from competing brands. It’s a great way to improve products and brand recognition!

I’d like to do a sponsored review. How do I sign up?
Sadly, at this time we’re not offering sign ups for reviews. Generally, we will contact a well-known reviewer, artist, or someone who has a lot of experience in the BJD hobby and is able to write a detailed review. This is generally judged by their webpages, blogs or galleries.