When did you start making eyes?
I started making eyes in June of 2015. I made my first pair and sold them through my Etsy shop, and I was surprised how much people liked them! I began to make eyes full-time, and shortly after that I stopped sewing clothes to focus on making eyes.

What are your best sellers?
So far, the Seafoam color is our best seller, across the board. Followed by the Purple and Green holographic eyes. 14mm size tends to be what we sell the most of, almost 60% of all eyes sold are 14mm.

I want eyes with different pupils. Is that possible?
Yes! I can easily add any pupil to any eye type if you want! Check out our customs fees page for additional custom information.

What carrier do you ship with?
We ship with USPS almost exclusively. Check out our shipping page for more information.

Will I get a photo of my order before it ships?
Generally, no. Although you can request pictures for custom orders! Pictures are very time consuming for me, so I tend not to send them. If I need clarification, I will send a photo for verification. Again, just let me know if it’s something you want.

Are your eyes hollow in the back?
Our eyes are solid all the way through.

Will your eyes fit Makie dolls?
I’m not sure, because I don’t have a makie! That being said, I’ve had a few customers who own Makies, who say that the eyes fit well. I've been told they take 16mm or 18mm eyes.

Can I wash my eyes?
Yes! You can wash them with mild soap and water, but don’t let them sit in water for extended periods. If you use a solvent like alcohol to clean your eyes, you may damage the outer layer of urethane.

Can I bake your eyes for OOAK polymer dolls?
This is tricky! I’ve had several customers say that they have baked the eyes up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit, but I haven’t run any tests with this yet. You can bake them, but take caution! 

How durable are your eyes?
Fairly durable! I’ve had customers heat them in the oven to create OOAK polymer dolls, and I’ve placed them in the freezer for tests. I’ve dropped them to test as well. It’s very hard to damage them, even purposely trying to scratch them with your fingernail. As long as you’re careful, the eyes should last a very long time! And if there is any significant damage to the outside like deep scratches, you should be able to resurface them with a high quality gloss.