I started my first Etsy shop in early summer of 2013. Before then, I had been making custom Kimono, Yukata and Lolita dresses for SDs on Den of Angels and through Facebook groups. My first Etsy shop was for SD sized dolls and didn't do too well, getting around 4 sales in 6 months. So I decided to make clothes for Minifee, and business grew. After about a year, I was having difficulty keeping up with clothing orders and began to feel burnt out on clothes. I decided to try to make urethane doll eyes, and have never looked back! I do still sew, though almost entirely for myself or for my clothes friends. I have found my real passion, which is beautiful urethane doll eyes. Each pair I make is a marvel to me, even now, and I am working all the time to improve.

I love finding balance between my college education, my Etsy shop and my personal life. I never seem to run out of ideas for things I'd like to try or do for my shop. I have a whiteboard in my office that has a list of things I'm implementing as well as ways to improve them.