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DIY and Eye-Make

Sprouty Doll

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$ 20.00

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Included with this product:

  • 1 Silicone Mold with Two Pairs (One Pupil, One No Pupil)

Do not use latex gloves! Latex gloves will cause your resin to stick to the mold, ruining it. Use only vinyl gloves. Do not let the resin touch your skin.

Molded from 3D printed parts, these high-quality, flexible silicone molds are made to be used over and over. Each mold is two pair in the specified size, which means you can cast 4 eyes at a time. You get one pair with pupils and one pair without.

Our favorite brand of resin to use in these molds is Smooth-On's SmoothCast 300.

Each mold gets at least 20~40 castings before quality degrades when cared for properly, and shelf life is around 6 months to one year.

We suggest cleaning the molds with clear packing tape to remove extra resin flashing, glitter residue, pigment residue, dust and fibers. You should store the mold with clear plastic tape over the molded side to prevent fibers, dust and dirt from getting in the mold.

We suggest a mold release agent, and to avoid UV light and extreme temperature exposure.

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