Eye-Make DIY Kit

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DIY and Eye-Make

Sprouty Doll

$ 25.00
$ 25.00
Included in this kit:
    • 6ml UV-Cure Clear Resin
    • 3 Pairs of White Resin Bases
    • 3 pairs of Black Pupil Bases
    • 1 Bottle of Multi-color Pointed-back Rhinestones
    • 1 Bottle Iridescent Sparkles
    • 1 Bottle White Shimmer Powder
    • 3 Random Pigment Powders
    • 3 Random Glitters
    • 1 Bottle Random Add-ins
    • 1 Orange Stick

This kit has just small amounts of everything, stored in reusable .5ml glass bottles with cork stoppers. These items are enough to make 6 complete pairs of eyes, with a just little left over. The UV resin cures best in direct sunlight, and be sure not to expose the bottle to light! The black plastic helps prevent UV exposure, but keep it in a dark place! It's best to use small amounts of resin and glitter/pigment, mix it thoroughly before placing it in direct light. Leave exposed for 4~5 minutes until it is cured hard. Many layers is better than one thick layer, otherwise it might not cure!

Other suggested items:

  • UV Light or outdoor sunlight.
  • Patience!

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