Posted on by Amanda Vanderboegh

Has it really been a year? It's hard to believe, even for me! I feel like we've come so far here at Sprouty Doll, and everything has been such a learning experience.

I would like to come forward now and ask if everyone's pleased with the eyes they've received and how they have held up over the year. I would also like to give an offer to everyone who's ever purchased eyes from us, either here or on Etsy. If you're not 100% happy, please contact us. I'd love to hear from you and send replacements of any defective in our latest eye style, no matter when you purchased the eyes. As I said, we've learned a lot about packaging, producing and curing our eyes over the years, so we've come very far from when we first started.

I feel as though our eyes are improving constantly, so any defects you might have experienced before should be fixed now. I am also working on lowering our production times, which currently sit just over a month, to two weeks. It's a big change for us, and I hope to have the process perfected starting in the beginning of the year.

For those of you who are unhappy due to the odd sizing of our newest eye bases, please hold tight until the new year. We're actively working on new bases to replace these ones. The ones we have now are functionally perfect, but the sizing is a little off and not quite what we'd like, particularly the 14mm eyes. Our older styles were 14mm Diameter and 7mm Iris, an industry standard. Our latest styles are 14mm Diameter and 8mm Iris, which give dolls a more "doe-eyed" look, and might look odd in some dolls. Overall, the Irises are 1mm too big on all sizes, so it's going to be a full redo there.


Thank you for sticking with us for this year! I hope to improve so much in the next year, which can only be done with your further patronage.